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Moorestown Friends soccer getting noticed

09/18/2014, 9:30am EDT
By Kyle Miller, SJSD

Despite playing the Friends League with many non-S.J. schools, the Foxes are hoping to turn some heads

MOORESTOWN — As a member of the Friends School League, the majority of Moorestown Friends School’s competition lies in Pennsylvania.  With that fact, they are often overlooked throughout South Jersey soccer. This year they are hoping for a change.

Moorestown Friends has started the season 4-0 and are outscoring opponents 13-1. Led by only two seniors, Tommy Martin and David Howarth, the young team is working hard to make their name known. Coach Mike Schlotterbeck is hoping that with such a strong non-conference schedule his team will get noticed.

“We do try to play a pretty aggressive non-conference schedule, and as we’ve gotten stronger over the years we’ve built up our non-conference schedule," Schlotterbeck said. "We like to think we are starting to get out there with a decent reputation in South Jersey and we feel like if we continue to have success we are hoping to perhaps appear in the coaches’ poll and one of our goals, eventually, would be to appear in the Coaches’ Tournament.”

Schlotterbeck has boosted his non-conference schedule to give his squad challenges throughout the year. In the next few games the Foxes will take on Burlington Township, Gloucester Catholic, Palmyra, and league rival George School. With positive results in these games, Moorestown Friends could be put on the map.

Although Schlotterbeck is trying to get his boys into the Coaches’ Tournament and back to the South Jersey sectional final, he does understand that soccer is firstly a sport.

“You are playing a sport and it’s important to keep things in perspective. In the past couple years, we've had guys that were not only good soccer players but guys that knew how to have fun in practice and games while also bringing that intensity to games too.”

Schlotterbeck has gained the respect of his players first and foremost and he demands that they also respect each other. Junior Matt Mullock has nothing but positive feedback about the Schlotterbeck’s system of the idea 'team'.

“Coach instills respect," said Mullock. "He expects everyone to respect every individual . . . That’s the only way we will be successful. Every practice he expects us to bring in a work rate that’s intense . . . Respect, working hard, and never giving up are the three things we base ourselves off of as a team.”

With a coaching mentality that requires respect throughout the team, Schlotterbeck is not only creating great soccer players that will play for him, but most importantly play for each other.

Schlotterbeck says about his program, “Having great attitudes in kids that are willing to work hard, it’s really a pleasure to coach.”

But with that respect Schlotterbeck is instilling every day, the Foxes are trying to make a mark in South Jersey Soccer.

Mullock believes this year with their young talent, they could really do so.

“I feel like this year we can definitely prove something to South Jersey . . . I think this year we will do big things in South Jersey.”

Moorestown Friends School travels to Pennsylvania to take on rivals George School Friday, Sept. 19 at 4:00 p.m.

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