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About Us


South Jersey Sports Digest is the first region of High School Sports Digest to go live.  High School Sports Digest has determined manageable regions where high school sports coverage can be improved upon and these hard-working athletes get the coverage they long for and deserve. Realizing that just obtaining even some of the most basic information about scholastic sports — such as standings, schedules and scores is difficult at best — was one of the driving forces behind developing High School Sports Digest. 

However, seeing that the students that work so hard to balance academic life, home life, athletics and a social life are not always celebrated properly was the real reason we launched the site. 

“Delivering this coverage is our honor and privilege; one the team at High School Sports Digest considers serious and is passionate about doing consistently. Our goal is to represent young student-athletes in a way that fosters a healthy environment for them to compete, learn, and advance their careers to the next level.”

                                                                             - High School Sports Digest Founder – Chris Ferrari


Our guiding principles: 

—   Our focus at High School Sports Digest (HSD) will be to provide a full spectrum of media coverage for high school student athletes.

—   Our team at HSD respects these young elite athletes who balance competing schedules of athletic, home, social, and academic lives.

—   Our promise is to represent them positively, and consistently report on their achievements, stories, and performances.

—   Our goal is to provide a resource for athletes, fans, coaches, and families to access all information concerning their team or student-athlete's sporting event.